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- Self-tipping mixers composed of spiral mixer with fixed bowl and hydraulic lifter 
- Dough capacity from 120 kg to 200 kg 
- Fitted with 2 different motors on the spiral mixer and 1 on the lifter 
- 2 speeds on spiral tool; 
- Possibility of bowl inversion in 1st speed;
- Easy dough extraction thanks to the bowl jog push-button; 
- Control panel at choice between two electro-mechanical timers SITEC 72x72 or electronic control panel + bypass selector 
- Mobile bowl cover at choice among: stainless steel grid, ABS mobile bowl cover, transparent PMMA mobile 
- Discharge on one side only at choice between right or left 
- Two possible discharge heights: onto table at 1400 mm (model LYNX-B) or into divider at 1900 mm (model LYNX-T) 
- Spiral mixer LYNX Line conceived for dough mixtures with hydration greater than 55% with European flour 
- LYNX-R Line, equipped with double spiral transmission, straight breaking bar and reinforced spiral motor and then conceived for stiffer dough mixtures with hydration greater than 45% with European flour.
- Spiral mixer Lines suitable for an artisan use (3 cycles per hour, 10-12 hours per day).
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