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Kneading machine VIS-R line has been designed to offer the maximum production output in the best possible time, while occupying minimum space and allowing to knead stiff dough thanks to the double spiral transmission, the reinforced motors and the breaking bar without feet. 
The VIS-R spiral mixers can also knead small quantities of dough (as little as 5% of the maximum dough capacity of the mixer), with limited increases in the temperature of the dough. 
The solid and sturdy construction, together with the excellent transmission power obtained by a system of belts, allows this kneading machine to knead all types of dough (with an hydration greater than 45% with European flour and an artisan use, 4 cycles per hour, 1 shift per day) assuring a silent use with a very little maintenance. 
This line is fitted with two motors and a shockproof mobile bowl protection in transparent PMMA or, as an alternative, a stainless steel grid or a closed ABS mobile bowl cover. 
The control panel is composed of two electro-mechanical timers that enable to work in three different modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic and to use the mixer also in case one of the timers is not working properly until its replacement. 

For any further information you can download our pdf leaflet about kneading machine.
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