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Kneading machine with fixed bowl VIS line offer models from 60 kg to 250 kg of dough capacity. 
This line has been conceived to excellently knead well hydrated dough mixtures (with more than 55% hydration with European flour) with an artisan use. 
A winning design together with a quality materials choice, make VIS line a perfect solution to the needs of the artisan bakers. 
Kneading machine frame, completely in painted steel, the stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaking column and the transmission through trapezoidal belts assure sturdiness and reliability to these mixers. 
The control panel is composed of an electro-mechanical timer which enables to work in three different modes (manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode) and to use the mixer for a limited period even in case the timer is not working properly until its replacement. 
As an alternative, we can also offer as an optional an electronic control panel with bypass selector, that enables the customer to store up to 90 recipes. 
On the other hand, with regard to the mobile bowl cover, it is possible to choose among a stainless steel grid, a transparent PMMA shockproof cover or a ABS mobile bowl cover.  

For any further information you can download our pdf kneading machine leaflet.
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